Bill Poole

Bill Poole is the admissions counselor for the School of Drama. He works with prospective students, parents and teachers in recruiting for all of UNCSA, specializing in the School of Drama.

What types of applicants do you see?

I see very interesting applicants with a “joie de vivre,” who have many talents beside acting skills. They are excited to get here and concentrate in a vigorous curriculum and willing to be studying here in our small town which has many advantages versus a larger city.

What are some of your favorites at UNCSA?

My favorite spot on campus is in the Alex Ewing Performance Place Lobby. It is an intersection of several drama theatres. My favorite UNCSA traditions are when the Jazz Ensemble plays outdoors in Daniels Plaza and the all-school productions held at the Stevens Center.

If you were on an island and could bring three things, what would you bring?

My family and never-ending-supply of food and beverages. I want to add two more things: an electronic device with endless power, loaded with music and some of my drums!

Where can we meet you on the road?

I'm at college fairs in various cities in NC, South Carolina Governor’s School of the Arts, Interlochen, MI; Minneapolis, Baltimore, Washington DC, New Orleans, New York City, Boston and Philadelphia.


M.Ed. Student Personnel in Higher EducationUNC Greensboro

B.A. EnglishUNC Greensboro