Joseph Mills

Joseph Mills is a Professor of Humanities and Writing in UNCSA's Division of Liberal Arts.

Few teachers have a unique style; we learn from one another and adopt and modify (and avoid) techniques and elements of others. I hope to encourage my students to become curious, disciplined, intelligent, empathetic artists and people. I hope they develop a passion for life-long learning.


Career Highlights

  • Being approached after a reading by a woman who told him that his poem was on her fridge
  • Reading from a book of poems about his children – "This Miraculous Turning" – with his children in the audience and having them come up afterwards
  • Having a student come up to him years after graduating and say, “I still have all the books from your courses"
  • Having a student stop as he left class and say, “I enjoyed that, actually”
  • Getting hired at the School of the Arts


PhDUniversity of California, Davis

MAUniversity of New Mexico

BAUniversity of Chicago